Prof. Adam R. Rosenthal

Assistant Professor of Global Languages and Cultures, Texas A&M University, College Station, USA

May – July 2022

In cooperation with Prof. Dr. Martin Saar

Photo: Adam R. Rosenthal

Adam R. Rosenthal is Assistant Professor in the Department of Global Languages and Cultures at Texas A&M University. Rosenthal is the author of Poetics and the Gift: Reading Poetry from Homer to Derrida (Edinburgh UP, 2022), and the editor of “Derrida’s Classroom,” a special issue of Poetics Today 42.1 (2021). He is currently completing a book on deconstruction, biotechnology, and indefinite life, titled Prosthetic Immortalities.

Research project title:
Political Autoimmunity and Trust: Derridean Deconstruction and Conflict Studies

Publications (selection):

– Poetics and the Gift: Reading Poetry from Homer to Derrida, Edinburgh University Press, 2022 (PDF links to Preface)

– “Who Wants to Live… Indefinitely? Transhumanism, Biology, and Our Biotechnological Present,” Philosophical Salon, 2021

– “Clon’d: Or a Note on Propagation,” Substance 48.1 (2019): 46-62.

July 14, (18-21h) Lecture: Unconditionality, Possibility, and the Future of the University